3Pcs/set 3/4/5/6/7 Inch Car Polishing Wash Brush Buffer Pad Kit Buffing Sponge Polishing Pad Kit Set For Car Polisher Buffer

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Product Overview

To be polished clean and bright.
It can be thrown to the small scratches, play a new effect such as polishing to the mark.
Liquid, paste, powder with better results.
Long service life, well polishing effect,and easy operating.
Used for all kinds of coat paints' waxing, polishing and sealing glaze, to clean and improve their lightness.
Regular waxing and polishing set up a protective barrier against hostile attacks from the environment, your furniture and vehicle's appearance will be protected for years.
High density foam pad is ideal for scratch and defect removal.

These sponge pads have fine porosity, super elastic, and water absorb ability, you can add polishing liquid to the sponge pad, so as to achieve better polishing effect.

Scope of application:
Glass polishing, glass steel polishing
Stainless steel polishing, home appliances plastic shell polishing
Industrial products, furniture polish, car polish, car maintenance, beauty and so on.

About the Orange Medium-Heavy Pad
Firm, high density foam pad that is ideal for scratch and defect removal.
Use this pad with polishes and swirl removers.
This pad offers the correction of a typical compounding pad while at the same time allowing the polishing ability of a light cut foam pad.
It will remove moderate swirls and scratches with little or no haze.
It is an all around pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.

About the Black Finishing Pad
Soft, high strength foam for waxing or glazing.
It is a super fine finishing pad that has no cut so it can apply thin, even coats of waxes, sealants and glazes. The super fine composition of the finishing pad is firm enough to withstand added pressure during final finishing to deliver a perfect result every time.

About the Blue Polishing Pad
It delivers a super fine finish for use with ultra fine polishes, glazes and light surface cleaners.
Flat pad has soft composition for applying glaze, finishing polish, sealants, and liquid waxes.
Flat pad provides full contact with paint surface to minimize the pressure applied by the user.

Material: Sponge
Color: orange, black, blue
Size: approx 3inch(80mm), 4inch(100mm), 5inch(125mm), 6inch(150mm), 7 inch(180mm) (There are 5 different sizes.Please choose it as you need)
Shape: Round
Thickness: orange: 25mm, black/blue: 30mm

Package included:
3 x Car Polishing Pad Set


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